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August 10-16, 2018, Vol. 11, Issue 32 SHELBY • FAY ETTE • TIPTON • MADISON A COSTLY RIDE City must sell a better plan for MATA at $30M per year. P. 16 TIPPING POINT: PAGE 8 DIGEST: PAGES 2-3 RECAP: PAGE 6 FOOTBALL: PAGE 20-21 PUZZLES: PAGE 39 A Publication of The Memphis News Publishing Co. | NEW LINEUP OLD SCHOOL FOR 'BIRDS e Cardinals continue to take players, shuffl ing Memphis' roster. • P. 22 SHELBY FARMS MAKES BIG SPLASH Added off erings increase popularity of city's giant urban park. • P. 9 Women & Business: Dr. Linda Tharp saw her niche years ago; homebuilder Karen Garner has that touch; and government servants seek balance in life. • Pages 13-15 Passengers in Downtown Memphis board and depart the 340 Walnut Grove Express bus. A more effi cient public transit system will cost taxpayers. (Memphis News/Houston Cofi eld)

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