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August 17-23, 2018, Vol. 11, Issue 33 SHELBY • FAY ETTE • TIPTON • MADISON EMPHASIS: REAL ESTATE Shawn Massey targets areas of Memphis for redevelopment; Poag building on second iteration of retail development business; and the University TIF will change Highland Strip. • P. 12-15 LATE-HOUR POWER PLAY County Commission chair Heidi Shafer proposes resolution that would give the body more control over EDGE than the two mayors. • P. 9 FIRESTONE FALLOUT Once employing 7,000, impact of closed plant still felt in Frayser community. P. 16 TIPPING POINT: PAGE 8 DIGEST: PAGES 2-3 REAL ESTATE: PAGE 6 GOVERNMENT: PAGE 9 LAW & COURTS: PAGE 11 A Publication of The Daily News Publishing Co. | MULQUEEN BRINGS MOXIE TO MEMPHIS Experienced coach will need his eye for talent to build expansion club. P. 20 SAYING THEIR VOWS IN KING'S PRESENCE Graceland opens chapel, welcomes thousands for annual vigil. • P. 7 Edward Dowell (left) moves a sectional sofa into Roy Hughes' (center) club on Thomas Street near Firestone Avenue. The Firestone plant sits in the heart of the New Chicago neighborhood, but faces an uphill battle to be incorporated into the city's economic development plan. (Memphis News/Houston Cofi eld)

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