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October 3-9, 2014 25 w w w.t biz Looks to help Cab Companies evolve S tA R t u P S R ide-sharing services like Uber and Lyft seem to have been eating the traditional cab industry's lunch. A recent graduate of one of the Start Co. startup accelerators in Memphis, though, wants to help cab companies fi ght back. The startup Cabsolutely has teamed up with Premier Transportation, Yellow Cab and Checker Cab in Memphis to use the dispatch system and mobile apps from the startup, which offers a full- package transportation solution for taxi companies and their customers. A graduate this year of the Upstart accelerator for women-led startups in Memphis, Cabsolutely has a cloud-based dispatch system that the companies will start implementing, allowing them to up- grade their technology platforms, allevi- ate staffi ng concerns and offer a seamless dispatch experience as well as uniform payment options. Cabsolutely has been working on developing both a back-end dispatch solution for taxi companies, with a mobile app for the drivers, as well as an app through which customers can arrange a taxi. The full dispatch system rollout is planned for the fi rst quarter of 2015 after initial tests that have already started in Memphis. "Cab companies have been losing passengers to other alternatives, particu- larly over the last few years as ride-shar- ing services have become more popular," said Cabsolutely founder Virag Reti. "We've developed a complete end- to-end system that automates dispatching and provides the mobile applica- tion, modern technology and payment options that consumers have become accustomed to from other services." One of the hallmarks that have made services like Uber and Lyft popular is their ease of use via mobile apps that make arranging a ride convenient and easy. Likewise, Cabsolutely also is developing a customer app to let passengers order a taxi via a smartphone app. Features will include real-time cab tracking, mobile payment as well as pas- senger and driver profi les. Users also will be able to leave instant feedback on driv- ers and their experience. Cabsolutely says that process will help boost the service and customer experi- ence in an industry "known for inconsis- tent service, concerns about data privacy and outdated payment systems." Ham Smythe IV, president of Yellow Cab, Checker Cab and Premier Transpor- tation of Memphis, said his organization has tried to keep up on a technological basis as the industry – and competitors – have evolved, but that it recognizes it still needs help. His companies, he says, have been working on improving their technology, something Cabsolutely will help provide a boost forward. Differentiating his com- panies from ride-sharing competitors, he said, is the fact that it provides service to all parts of town, in addition to taking cash – something that doesn't happen when an Uber or Lyft is required to pay via credit through an app. Cabsolutely's plan is to roll out its app regionally by targeting conventions and events in Memphis and then the larger Memphis area, incrementally scaling the service to other regions and markets. Andy Meek rETi provides the C o m m u n i t y FedEx Delivers Service To Memphis Causes R obin Hicks, communications ad- viser for FedEx Trade Networks, arrived at the Lucius Burch Natural Area at Shelby Farms Park late in September and made her way through the vegetation to the Wolf River. "You come through the shrubs and all the growth and it's like a beach," said Hicks. "It's really a different experience from what you normally see about the Wolf River. It was very enlightening. "Until you actually go and experi- ence it and spend some time in the en- vironment you don't really have a great enough appreciation for it. Sometimes you spend so much time in a commu- nity you overlook its beauty, or you don't know where to look for it." Hicks' experience at the Wolf River refl ects the broader goals of FedEx Cares Week, when employees of the Memphis- based shipping company provide hands- on help to organizations in communities across the globe in an effort to benefi t the United Way and improve the quality of life where they live and work. "For me, it's the best way to volun- teer and serve, not just by giving your dollars but by actually going into the community to help," said Steven Hill, manager of express clearance operations at FedEx Trade Networks. "It's a way for me to be able to give back to the com- munity we live in." More than 1,000 FedEx team mem- bers in Memphis donated their time, talents and a little elbow grease as part of FedEx Cares Week, part of a record number of 10,000 employees who served around the world. This year, events were held in 400 cities globally. FedEx employees did ev- erything from painting and refurbishing a school library in Atlanta to painting, organizing and landscaping a shelter for homeless teens in Colorado. FedEx employees also served communities in countries such as Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Rose Flenorl, manager of Global Citi- zenship at FedEx, said employees were committed to providing "hope." "FedEx team members around the FedeX continued on P31 More than 100 FedEx volunteers assisted the Wolf river Con- servancy in making improvements in the Lucius Burch Natural area, part of the company's FedEx Cares Week. (Submitted) Amos Maki 725ac Irrigated Row Crop Farm $4,277,500 or $5,900 p/acre Farm is perfect for growing corn, cotton, beans or wheat because it is well-drained easy working loamy soil with a good water supply. This property has three Pivots. Pivot 1: a 290 acre field with a 2,015 ft. Valley pivot system. Pivot 2: a 168 acre field with a 1,525 ft. Valley pivot system Pivot 3: a 65 acre field with a 1,393 ft. brand new Valley pivot system. The new grading and irrigation improvements have increased this farms production capabilities and revenue potential. All interior ditches have been eliminated and this entire 725 acres is farmed as one field. These improvements allow farmers to work the land at incredible speeds and efficiencies. Serious investors will be hard pressed to find a better farm with the kind of access, irrigation and drainage this property offers. Contact Ray Rowland 573-820-0442 •

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