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An artist's rendering of a redeveloped Pinch District, showing the view from Overton Avenue looking west toward The Bass Pro Shops at The Pyramid. (Looney Ricks Kiss) CONNECTING THE PIECES St. Jude expansion paves way for Gateway Project, Pinch District redevelopment P. 20 POLITICS: PAGE 23 DIGEST: PAGES 2-5 RECAP: PAGE 10 REAL ESTATE: PAGE 8 EDITORIAL: PAGE 38 A Publication of The Daily News Publishing Co. | THE LIFE OF A QUARTERBACK Quarterbacks must learn to handle the ups and downs of the position. • P. 27 MSO CONDUCTOR ROLLS THE DICE Robert Moody wants to take the symphony places it's never gone before. • P. 7 October 6-12, 2017, Vol. 10, Issue 41 SHELBY • FAY ETTE • TIPTON • MADISON Special Edition: Health Care Philip Baker of Good Shepherd Pharmacy is earning kudos as his mail-order pharmacy helps bring affordable medications to transplant patients in Tennessee. • Pages 17-19

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