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November 3-9, 2017, Vol. 10, Issue 45 Marcella & Her Lovers plays Bar DKDC in Midtown. The "swamp soul" band completed an album this summer. (Memphis News/ Houston Cofield) SHELBY • FAY ETTE • TIPTON • MADISON NONPROFITS: PAGE 9 DIGEST: PAGES 2-5 RECAP: PAGE 10 FAIRGROUNDS: PAGE 30 EDITORIAL: PAGE 38 A Publication of The Daily News Publishing Co. | FALTERING AMID 'ADVERSITY' After a hot start, Grizzlies show some cracks in the foundation. • P. 26 ST. JUDE BIOPSY BREAKTHROUGH Researchers develop non-invasive alternative to liver biopsies. • P. 22 Emphasis: Higher Education Six years after the University of Memphis took over the shuttered Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee, the campus is thriving with more expansion on the horizon. • Pages 17-19 The Sound of (Memphis) Music Too often, the city with a musical heritage like few others is absent from the most noteworthy gatherings of artists P. 20

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