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February 16-22, 2018, Vol. 11, Issue 7 SHELBY • FAY ETTE • TIPTON • MADISON GRIZZLIES AT FORK IN ROAD Sharing the NBA basement with seven other teams at the All-Star break puts team in an unenviable position, but the younger players are getting minutes they wouldn't otherwise. • P. 26 BLACK LAUNCHES ATTACK ON POT U.S. Rep. Diane Black, a candidate for Tennessee governor, and her husband are working to defeat a pending bill for medical marijuana • P. 24 DOWNTOWN: PAGE 11 DIGEST: PAGES 2-5 RECAP: PAGE 10 REAL ESTATE: PAGE 16 EDITORIAL: PAGE 38 A Publication of The Daily News Publishing Co. | (Memphis News/Houston Cofield) DUNAVANT WINNERS Judge Tim Dwyer, left, and Harvey Kennedy chosen as Dunavant Award recipients for exhibiting characteristics of a true public servant. • P. 12-13 SPECIAL EDITION: WOMEN & BUSINESS DR. SUSAN MURRMANN TANNERA GEORGE GIBSON DR. MARJORIE HASS (Memphis News/Photos by Houston Cofield) Self-confidence, hard work, mentors fuel career success P. 20 Parental Leave: More companies see the advantages of giving paid leave. P. 18 GETTING TO THE TOP Harassment: Sexual misconduct revelations spur policy reviews. P. 19

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